Learning Outside the Classroom & Residential Visits

The outdoor learning environment can be used to bring learning alive for many children and we aim where possible to use our grounds to inspire and stimulate our children. We also aim to utilise the local surrounding community.

Residential trips are a great way of building self-confidence and increasing independence as well as allowing children to develop teamwork skills and friendships. We aim to provide our children with a residential experience whilst with us at Renishaw and give them the opportunity to take part if they wish to do so.

We regard learning outside the classroom as an important part of the curriculum that we offer to our children and opportunities for outdoor education are included in teachers’ planning. Within the school environment, children are able to enjoy music and science lessons outside, the gazebo also forming an outside classroom area. Outdoor maths activities include estimating, measuring etc.

Our pupils also visit other schools, we work closely with schools in the cluster and have recently enjoyed dance, singing and sporting activities.