Renishaw Primary School

Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year 1! In this important year, children begin to develop the building blocks for learning. Exploring learning through play and more structured lessons, we will have fun learning about a variety of different topics that you can find out more about below. 

Children will develop their learning behaviours and build confidence, knowledge and skills across the curriculum. They will develop key Maths and English skills and learn to apply phonics skills in order for them to become fluent and passionate readers. 

Pupils will also undertake the national Phonics Screening Check in the Summer term. Parent's will be given more information about this before the time. 



Mrs Jones (Class Teacher)

Mrs Buccieri (Class Teacher) 

Miss Wilson (SEN TA)

Mrs Spetch (SEN TA)

Mrs Preston (SEN TA)

Mrs Moorewood (SEN TA) 

Mrs O'Neil (TA)


Learning this Year:

 Curriculum overview - Long term plan.

All of our foundation subjects are planned using the Kapow curriculum in order to ensure progression of both skills and knowledge. 

Autumn One - How am I making History? (History)

Autumn Two - What is it like Here? (Geography) 

Spring One - How have Toys Changed? (History)

Spring Two - What is the Weather like in the UK? (Geography)

Summer One - How have explorers changed the world? (History) 

Summer Two - What is it like to live in Shanghai? (Geography)


Little Wandle:

Your child is on their journey to becoming a skilled reader. In Reception, they learned all of the single letter sounds, the consonant digraphs and some vowel digraphs (digraph: two letters, one sound) and trigraphs (three letters, one sound). In Year 1, children will learn the remaining graphemes in the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme. These are alternative spellings for the sounds that they already know. The children will become more fluent readers and will read increasingly challenging texts.

In Year 1, we teach a 30 minute phonics session daily and then carry out group reading sessions 3 x per week. Your child will come home with a come home with a Little Wandle Big Cat reading book and a Library (Reading for pleasure book) book. It is so important as a parent to listen to your child read and give them lots of praise as they do. 

To find out more information about how we teach Phonics at Renishaw Primary School, click the buttons below.



Little Wandle information for Parents and Carers

Little Wandle Phonics Screening Check information

Little Wandle Home Learning Letters:

Home Learning - Autumn OneHome Learning - Autumn Two 

 Home Learning - Spring One 

Home Learning - Spring Two 

Home Learning - Summer One 

Home Learning - Summer Two 

Early Years to Key Stage 1 Bridge Document