Renishaw Primary School

Year 2

Hello and welcome to year 2. During this important year, our children grow in confidence and make vital progress through the curriculum. Developing skills and knowledge in the key areas of Maths and English is important during year 2 as we continue to use and hone our phonics skills. Children enjoy learning through our engaging topics which you can find out more about below.  



Mrs Cotton ( class teacher ) 

Mrs Pears ( Teaching Assistant ) 


Curriculum overview - Long term plan.


Learning this year.

All of our foundation subjects are planned using the Kapow curriculum in order to ensure progression of both skills and knowledge. 


Autumn 1 - How was school different in the past? (history) 

Autumn 2 - Would you prefer to live in a hot or cold place? (geography)

Spring 1 - How did we learn to fly? (history)

Spring 2 - Why is our world wonderful? (geography)

Summer 1 - What is a monarch? (history) 

Summer 2 - What is it like to live by the coast? (geography)


Our classroom