Renishaw Learning Community and Alumni

If you are a former student or staff member, then please consider making contact with us to tell us about your successes since leaving the Renishaw family.

Renishaw Primary School is delighted to place itself as a centre for lifelong learning and whilst we are primarily here to support, nurture and educate the children, we are also committed to supporting lifelong leaning for the community as a whole.

Over the past nine years, the school has supported its staff in moving forward with their careers and enabling them to move upwards, either within the Renishaw family or in other settings.

Here, we celebrate the successes of all of our current and former, pupils, staff and community members that have benefitted from their time as part of the Renishaw Learning Community. At he end of the day, We’re All Renishaw Aren’t We?

Jodie Baker – Miss Baker was our first ever apprentice and started at our school back in 2016 as an Apprentice Office Assistant. In the time that has elapsed, she has successfully completed the course and not only now runs the office, working hand in hand with the headteacher, staff and governors, but now has been appointed School Business Officer. A testament to her hard work, dedication and commitment to the role and the school and in doing so proving that anything is possible. Well Done Miss Baker. Still at the school (UPDATED JULY 2023 – Miss Baker has passed her School Business Manger’s Qualification and is now the schools’ new School Business Manager)

Christine Wilson – Parent of a former child at the school , Christine started at Renishaw as a cleaner, midday supervisor and volunteered in the classroom. Her natural talent with children in supporting them, led her to start an Early Years Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship which we are pleased to announce she has now successfully passed. Well done Mrs Wilson. Huge congratulations Still at the schoolJuly 2023 – 1 to 1 SEN TA

Megan Thorpe -A former pupil of the school, Miss Thorpe came to us on a teaching degree placement and quickly fell in love with her former school and with the primary phase of education. She completed her Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship comfortably with a DISTICNCTION. Miss Thorpe has moved on to follow her chosen path as a primary school teacher but holds the record for successfully leaving our school both as a pupil as well as a qualified Ta and Teacher. Well done Miss Thorpe and we look forward to hearing about your exciting career as it progresses. Left 2021

Shelley Taylor – A parent of children at the school, Miss Taylor first got a role as a midday supervisor at Renishaw before supporting the office with Miss Baker. It was no fluke that we soon realised Miss Taylor was yet another natural with the children and following a short period volunteering her spare time supporting learning and teaching, she too applied for a role at the school as a Teaching Assistant Apprentice. We are sure she will complete her course with aplomb and the story i’m sure will continue. Still at the school – (July 2023- Completed – SEN TA)

Samantha Cooke (Wardle) – Ms Cooke arrived at our school as a recently qualified teacher who had a rich background of Special Needs knowledge. Having followed in the footsteps of some much loved and respected SENCOs, Ms Cooke has now completed her National Qualifications for Special Needs and Inclusion Coordination. We wouldn’t have expected anything less. Congratulations Ms Cooke. We are delighted that you are our SENCO Still at the school

Samantha Clark Allan – Mrs Clark Allan came to Renishaw with a fine reputation for excellence in her classroom teaching and her unrivalled passion for reading. Her drive and passion to improve herself and the those around her, prompted her to start her NPQSL in 2020 despite being in the midst of a global pandemic. I am pleaseed to announce the successful completion of a very indepth course that wlll, I’m sure, have much benefit to the school in the years to come. Well done Mrs Clark Allan. we know our reading programme is in good hands. Still at the school

Jodie Morgan – Miss Morgan started her teaching carrer at Renishaw Primary School, and has always, quite rightly put the case forward for EYFS as being the most essential phase within any school. With tis passion and drive, Miss Morgan became EYFS Leader back in 2018 and since then has led her team and the phase with an unrivalled passion and committment for all of the young children with ther inquisative minds as they start out on their life long learning journey. We are so lucky to have Miss Morgan in such a key role in school. Still at the school

Kim Halliday – Mrs Halliday came to the school in a voluntary role, running the schools Toddler Group, but like so many, her natural ability to work and support children was too good an opportunity to miss. She is now a relief cleaner, midday supervisor and runs our After School Club . Is there more still to come? We will see in time I’m sure. Still at the school. (Updated July 2023 -September 2023 – To begin her Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship)

Amy Lindley – Miss Lindley didn’t come to Renishaw Primary School as a child but did have Mr Fuller as her class teacher in Years 5 and 6 at another school close by. Thankfully, she has continued to develop herself and has recently become part of the staff team as a Cleaner and Relief Midday Supervisor at Renishaw Primary School as well as enjoying the school from a parents point of view. We are sure that the story won’t end there. Still at the school. July 2023 – Teaching Assistant

Gregg Harrison – Like Miss Morgan, Mr Harrison started his teaching career as an NQT here at Renishaw Primary School. Having passed his National Qualification for Middle Leadership, he became one of two Assistant Headteachers supporting the progress of the school. Mr Harrison will be the first to say how close to his heart the school is. Still at the school

Miss Nicola Bacon – Nicola has recently joined the Renishaw staff in the summer of 2023 to start her new Office Administration Apprenticeship following in the footsteps of Miss Baker. we will keep you updated in her journey.

Sarah Bingham – Mrs Bingham arrived at Renishaw as a teaching assistant and quickly took the chance to train as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. With the support of the staff team, she was then encouraged to go even further and to realise her dream as a fully qualified class teacher. Having started out with her foundation degree, she is well on her way to reaching her goal .(Still at the school) Update July 2023 – To complete her teaching and gain QTS July 2024.

Mrs Samantha Clark Allan.– Arrived at Renishaw as English lead, Mrs Clark Allan successfully completed her NPQSL qualification in 2023. (Still in school)

Mrs Rebecca Jones – having made such an impressive impact as an excellent teacher and with her immense passion for all things Sconce based, Mrs Jones starts her NPQSL Qualification in the Autumn of 2023

Mr Cohn Sanderson – Mr Sanderson came to Renishaw primary as a sports coach / teaching assistant but had a burning passion to become a fully qualified teacher. Having left Renishaw to go back to university, he has now qualified and is working at schools in the Sheffield area. Well done Mr Sanderson. Left 2017

Mr Adam Cox – Mr Cox was one of the very first appointments to arrive at Renishaw Primary School when Mr Fuller started back in 2013. Employed as a Nursery Nurse, he was determined to one day become a fully qualified nursery teacher from his very first day at the school. With the school’s support to first complete his foundation degree before then going on to complete his all important teaching degree. The dream became a reality and now has his own class in a primary school. Congratulations Mr Cox. Left 2019

Miss Charlotte Deakin – Miss Deakin started her Level 2 Teaching Assistant placement at the school in the Autumn of 2021 after a long association with the school . She took on the role of relief cleaner and midday supervisor and quickly progressed and went on to gain her level 3 qualification in the spring of 2023. She has now secured a SEN Teaching Assistants post in a school not too far away. We wish her all the very best and we will follow her careers intently. LEFT July 2023

Honourary Alimni

Mrs Betty Cordy was born in 1931 and attended Renishaw Primary School until leaving in 1942. She later became ‘Cleaner in Charge’ or caretaker as the role is now known. Betty wasn’t allowed he title of caretaker being female…How times have changed thankfully.

Betty still lives in the village of Renishaw and recently came back to visit the school aged 90 years old to talk to the children about the school in years gone by.

Her son, Andy also attended the schoo and later went on to have a fabulous career within the community.

We are delighted that both have agreed to visit the school regulalry in the fuure and we look forward to seeing hem both again soon.

Betty Cordy on her 90th Birthday


Mrs Jayne Bentley – April 2020 – Mrs Bentley was a valued and much loved member of the Renishaw Primary School team and community. Joining the school in 2016, she taught in Years 1 and 2 in her time at Renishaw despite being qualified as an early years specialist who also went onto gain the National Qualification for Special Needs and Inclusion Coordination. She cherished the children in her care and always put their needs and those of their families before her own. She will always be remembered for her love for those most dear to her, affectionately referring to them as her ‘Little Flowers’. You will never be forgotten Mrs B.

Fly high and god bless you Mrs B. All of your ‘Little Flowers’ will never forget you.