Home Learning

In the event of a full or partial closure of school closure – such as a bubble / year group closure every effort will be made for learning to continue for those who are at home. Our Remote Learning Policy and Plan outlines how this will be done.

Please find below a help pack with some useful tips to help you to adjust to learning at home.

The Department of Education has now provided a list of online learning provided by “the country’s leading educational experts” many of these are included in our recommendations below but there are additional ones on the list that you may wish to explore.

Use these links below for resources identified our used by ourselves to continue your child’s learning. There are no subscription costs for those recommended by ourselves and for many of those recommended by the Department of Education.

Spelling Shed and Maths Shed  great for game play that practises spellings and key math skills. Can you beat each others and the teachers?

Doodlemaths  or through the Doodlemaths App

Classdojo  children and parents can keep in touch with teachers

Collins Connect use for foundation, key stage 1 books and dual banded books (Pink Book Bands through to Turquoise Book Bands)

To use Collins Connect you will need to enter Renishaw Primary School as our School’s name.  All children then use the same generic log on regardless of which class they are in. You must enter the following when prompted:

  • Date of birth using day enter    1
  • Month enter                                  1
  • First letter of surname                S
  • Year group                                     6

Spag.com for spelling, punctuation and grammar tests

Pobble365 has an unusual picture each day with inspiration for story starters. A great way to find a creative spark for writing if you are struggling.

Readtheory is an online comprehension tool. Children read a text and answer questions on this. Subsequent texts are then levelled to your child’s needs.

Year 5 and 6 children have had them issued previously and all passwords have been set as READLOTS1. Please message Mr Harrison or Mrs Clark-Allan using ClassDojo if you your child’s log in details.

For Year 3 and 4 parents can use the class code below to create a log in for their child.

Year 3 Class Code and Registration link:


Year 4 Class Code and Registration link:


Lexia.com for reading and phonics help whilst this is available

Alphablocks episodes for revisiting and learning individual sounds (phonics). Programmes are available on BBC iplayer and through the link

Phonics Play are offering free access to their phonics games and learning using the Username :  march20  and the password:  home

Numberblocks episodes for revisiting and learning numbers available through the iplayer and the link

Please also encourage children to read everyday. Below are some additional free websites that provide ebooks that you may want to try. Parents will need to create a free log on to use these. 

Epic books                               Oxford Reading Owls

Nessy is a free trial that we have that supports children in reading and spelling. We would love to from your children on what they think of this.

If you have been provided with a High Frequency Word list (HFW list) please help your child, each day, to read an additional 5 or 10 words. Please work down the list rather than across. This can be a great boost to help your child’s reading.

Children have been provided with handwriting guides, a copy of part of our scheme,  paper, paperclips and a new pencil. Please encourage your children to practise handwriting for 5 to 10 minutes each day.

In addition,  children also have an exercise book that they can use as a journal or for any writing of their choice.

Further Useful Links

Twinkl is a comprehensive site for all classes and all subject. They are currently offering free access to parents when you create your own parental log in. They are currently working together with theCbeebie GO Jetters  on some resources. As we spot particular resources teachers will let you know through Class Story on Class Dojo or through Tapestry for Nursery and Reception.

Stay at Home Story Time

The outstanding author Oliver Jeffers is reading his books aloud for children to enjoy at 6pm most days. Details can be found on his facebook page, through Instagram live and recordings can be found at https://www.oliverjeffers.com/books#/abookaday/

David Walliams is reading one of his own stories a day at eleven – he’s calling it elevensies.

Audible are streaming a vast selection free books and stories for children for the duration of school closures.

We are teachers have a list of authors reading their books to children.

Scholastic (who supply our book fairs) have learning packs for different key stages to download. You may need to enter home learning packs in to the search box,r of Code

White Rose Maths are providing excellent home learning that provides a video and lesson for the maths curriculum that each class would be following. They can be used at anytime but between 10-11 each week day they are on hand to answer questions from you or your children. They have been overwhelmed with interest today and suggest downloading the worksheet and answers the day before the session to level out demand for the 10am session.


I See Maths is another excellent maths resource that has created home learning resources to challenge children during this time to use their problem solving and reasoning skills. The lesson includes a video that gives a clear model that can be used to help children to solve the problem.

Hour of Code is an excellent free resource for children to practice coding skills using a vast range of contexts including Frozen, Star Wars and Minecraft.

Joe Wicks is leading a morning workout at 9am every weekday. 800,000 users joined him on the first day. Miss Bromley tells us the work out is great! Join him on youtube on his channel The Body Coach TV.

Science can be accessed through STEM learning. They have a range of short projects (up to 2 hours) and longer activities all designed for home learning. Explorify also has a good range of Science activities including odd one out and zoom in photos. You will need to set up a log in but this free.

French can be learnt through duolingo

Local legend and artist Pete Mckee started drawing sessions for children home schooling on Wednesday 25th March

Mylene Klass is starting to teach basics in music during this time. Some of this may include using a piano.

Easter would have been taught for many classes. There are some Easter resources on the BBC that you might find useful.

BBC School’s radio has stories that cover many areas of the curriculum and are well worth a look. For example under history you will find stories from the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings, the Romans and more. Children learn a huge amount from listening to stories. Making use of these resources can be relaxing and helping your child to learn about history, fire up their imagination, help them to visualise what they are hearing, learn vocabulary and grammar, I could go on…

BBC teach is always free and has an array of resources for the whole curriculum.

Libraries Connected provide free ebooks, magazines and newspapers along with rhymes for younger children.

English Heritage have created great resources for kids on British History.