Behaviour Guidelines For Parents

Behaviour Guidelines

Behaviour and Discipline in Schools – A guide for headteachers and school staff

At Renishaw Primary School we have a saying and a way of doing things that put the staff children and families at the very cente of everything we do. We call it, THE RENISHAW WAY.

This not a compicted way. It its built on mutual respect, support and well being so tha the staff can get on with doing their job to the best of their capabilities so that the children have the best chance of flourishiing as a result.

The Renishaw Way is also about the opportunities the school offers to ots community to follow their dreams well after finishing school as partof our committment to lifelang learing.

All that we ask is please remember to respect our staff whilst you are in and around our site and on social media as well as towards fellow parents and careres.

Remember . We’re Renishaw Aren’t We? WARAW