The Staff and School Day and Prospectus

Senior Leadership Team:

Mr Simon Fuller             Head Teacher

Miss Jodie Baker             School Business Manager

Teaching Staff:

Mr Gregg Harrison                    Year 6 Teacher / Maths

Miss Charlotte Bromley            Y5 Teacher / RSHE / MFL

Mrs Samantha Clark-Allan      Y4 Teacher / English 

Mr Paul Mallender                 Y3 Teacher / Computing

Mrs Sarah Bingham               Y3 Teacher / Outdoor Learning

Mrs Erin Cotton                       Y2  Teacher/ Music 

Miss Rebecca Jones              Y1 Teacher /  SENCO / Science

Mrs Tracy Buccieri                  Y1 Teacher History

Miss Kerry Williams              Reception Teacher / Art and Design

Mrs Kelly Withers                  Nursery Teacher  / SMSC / RE 

Ms Tamsin Swift                       EYFS PPA  Management cover  /  Geography 

Miss Jodie Morgan

Support Staff:

Mrs Louise Passaseo         Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mel O’Neil                       Teaching Assistant / Councillor

Mrs Jayne Pears             Special Needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bernie Spetch           Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Bingham         HLTA (Outdoor Learning Leader)

Miss Dawn Ford               HLTA  / ELSA 

Mrs Gabrielle Moorwood   HLTA 

Mrs Shelley Taylor             SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs Christine Wilson         SEN  Teaching Assistant

Miss Amy Lindley               Teaching Assistant  

Mrs Kim Halliday               Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Midday Staff

Mrs Kirsten Swift – Senior Midday Supervisor

Miss Liz Roberts – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Lauren Preston – Midday supervisor

Mrs Kim Halliday – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Melanie O’Neil – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Jayne Pears  – Midday Supervisor

 Administrative Staff:

Miss Jodie Baker                 School Business Manager

Mrs Nicola Bacon                  School Office Apprentice

 Kitchen Staff:

Helen Mappin                    Cook Supervisor

Maria Ellin                        Catering Assistant

 Cleaning Staff:

Mr Paul Burdett             School Site Supervisor

Mrs Kate Lyon                  Cleaner

Mrs Melanie O’Neil         Cleaner

The School Day

7.30am      Breakfast Club starts

8.30am       Nursery morning session starts. breakfast

8.40am        Doors open. Children arrive on site. All children go straight in to class. breakfast club finishes and children go to class.

8.50am       Doors close, register and dinner register in their classrooms.

10.30am      Morning break – Infants (10.45 – 11.00am Juniors)

10.45am      End of break. Children line up on the whistle

11.30am       Nursery morning session finishes

11.30am      1st Sitting children go to lunch. (Nursery / Reception) 

12.00pm     2nd sitting children go to lunch ( Year 1 and Year 2)

12.15pm       Afternoon session children arrive at Nursery

12:30pm      3rd Sitting children go into lunch. (Year 3/4/5/6)

1.00pm         Afternoon lessons start for y1  and Y2

1.30pm        Afternoon registration and lessons begin for Year 3/4/5/6

3:15pm        School finishes for all year groups

3:15 pm      After school clubs begin

4.15pm       After school clubs finish