Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant is additional funding provided by the government to support children who are entitled to free school meals. The money also supports children who have been entitled to free school meals, at any time, in the previous 6 years. The funding is aimed at removing barriers to learning and accelerating progress for disadvantaged pupils. The allocation and spending of this money is carefully planned in conjunction with all staff and the Governing Board. The money is used in a variety of ways to support pupils academically and socially or emotionally. Some pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium support are not underachieving; these pupils are offered additional support to boost their progress even further.

Children who are ‘looked after’ or adopted also receive additional funding, as do those whose, parents are currently serving in the armed forces.

What was the impact of the Pupil Premium Grant in 2020/21?

  • In EYFS, 75% of children attained a good level of development compared to 72% nationally.
  • In Year 1, 75% achieved the expected standard in the Y1 phonics check compared to 81% nationally.
  • 83% of children achieved a good level of development.
  • In lower Key Stage 2, the gap between Y3 PP children and non PP children is very slim in writing, maths and EGPaS. Reading has a wider gap.
  • In Year 6, 60% of children achieved the expected standard for reading, writing and maths combined. 80% of children also achieved the expected standard for maths. 70% achieved the expected standard for writing. 
  • Pupils eligible for PP funding outperformed pupils not eligible for PP funding in both maths and reading, writing and maths combined.
  • All pupils who were supported through positive play and nurture gained in self-esteem and demonstrated improved confidence and resilience in their Boxall Profiles.

In 2022-23 we will receive approximately £98,000 in pupil premium grant and post adoption funding.

Pupil Premium Coordinator Mr G Harrison

Pupil Premium Governor Mr Matthew Bullock

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