Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum will give our children the confidence, ability and vocabulary to express their ideas, feelings and opinions.  We will provide fun and exciting opportunities that are underpinned by opportunities to speak, listen, discuss, debate and perform.

We recognise that the development of talk underpins everything else: all learning including reading and writing.

We will provide a language rich environment where our learning will include lots of talk to discuss their well-being, reasoning, problem solving skills and opinions. We will help our children to experiment with and develop the language structures that they need for different purposes. Through our curriculum children will be able to articulate comparisons, persuade us, explain ideas, retell events, share predictions and opinions developing their academic language.

We will stretch children’s vocabulary to create breadth and depth so that they become accomplished communicators who can express what they feel precisely and confidently. Technical vocabulary and vocabulary to communicate is planned and taught explicitly with opportunities to evaluate and apply this growing vocabulary, from an early age children are encouraged to use full sentences with technical vocabulary.  Through collaborative learning they will reflect on their learning and feel confident to respectfully challenge or add to others’ ideas and opinions. 

We want children to find their voice.  Through our curriculum our children will leave us as confident, articulate global citizens.