Year 3

Ms Wardle and Miss Clark warmly welcome you to year 3!

Autumn 1

Our first topic until half term is:

The children created the cave art background during our transition day.
We’ve made Stone Age houses, using natural resources or something to mimic them.
We used soap, acting as flint, to knap weapons just like the Stone Age people would have. We chose to make either a hand axe, a spear head or an arrowhead.
Our first piece of written English work was to write a set of instructions to make our weapon.

We will also be learning about Animals including humans in our science work this half term, concentrating mainly on our skeleton and nutrition.

We labelled our skeleton with common names and medical names for our bones.


PE this half term is on a Thursday and Friday. Please ensure PE kits are in school on those dates, including a hair band to tie back long hair. Children must also be able to take out their own earrings for PE.


This is our class book for this half term. We are really enjoying the story of a young boy born with a physical deformity and how he gets through life in the Stone Age.
We have also use this book as inspiration for our English work- to write a postcard home about our experiences in the Stone Age.

In maths, we are mostly concentrating on understanding place value and number, but will start looking at addition and subtraction before half term.


As we are all settling in to life in the juniors, homework hasn’t been too strict so far. After half term however, we will be expecting that the children read 5x per week and complete their Doodlemaths 5x per week. We believe that doing something little and often helps embed knowledge and help to set up good habits for the future. Please record pages read/ times you’ve been on Doodlemaths in your planner.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything to do with being in year 3, please do not hesitate to ask. You are always welcome in our classroom.