Year 3

Ms Wardle and Miss Clark warmly welcome you to year 3!

During our time away from school , please look out for free website recommendations to help you and your child with home schooling. There is also a central page on our website full of suggestions already.

If you haven’t already, please consider signing up to ClassDojo as a means of communication during this time. It’s a great platform to stay in touch, share ideas and support one another during this time. I am here to support as much as I can. Feel free to ask anything and I will do my best to answer.

You can find the link here: and sign up using your email address as a parent. Hopefully you received the letter we sent out before school closed.

Some of you were asking for our school timetable and the link isn’t working via Classdojo. I have included it here for you. Please, do not stress you or your child out by sticking to this if you don’t want to. I will be posting ideas, and links but mainly please take care of yourselves and enjoy this as quality time with your children.

If you wanted to carry on with our school learning, our next topic was going to be our environment. We were going to spend a lot of time on school grounds doing surveys of plants and wildlife and looking at ways to improve our grounds to attract more insects. If you have a garden available, encourage your children to take a survey of the plants and create a pictogram or tally chart. This could be extended to learning the names of trees and being able to recognise them, completing bird watching surveys or doing some art inspired by nature.

Audible have allowed free access to their library of books- it’s American, so just be aware of that, but you may find something of value there to listen to with your child. Please find the link by clicking here:

This is the first half of the timetable. Where Miss Ford is in, the lessons are PE and a combination of things depending on need, such as maths, SPAG or art. Apologies about the quality.
This is the second half. Where Mrs B is in, the lessons are computing and PSHE.

Previous learning:

Our Spring 1 topics:

Our favourite topic so far! We made volcanoes and erupted them, along with understanding where volcanoes and earthquakes are in the world.
We wrote descriptive accounts of Pompeii during the time of the eruption using a video of a clever reconstruction and by reading this book.
Our class reader was this classic tale, but retold from Toto’s point of view. A big hit with year 3!
We have loved our rocks and soils topic! We have completed experiments to test the properties of rocks, made edible soil and used Starburst sweets to help us remember the rock cycle.

Our Autumn 2 topics:

We concentrated on Malala Yousafzai’s story and wrote an information text about her life.
Our science topic was light. We investigated colour, how light travels and the difference between opaque, translucent and transparent.

Our Autumn 1 topic:

The children created the cave art background during our transition day.
We made Stone Age houses, using natural resources or something to mimic them.
We used soap, acting as flint, to knap weapons just like the Stone Age people would have. We chose to make either a hand axe, a spear head or an arrowhead.
Our first piece of written English work was to write a set of instructions to make our weapon.

We will also be learning about Animals including humans in our science work this half term, concentrating mainly on our skeleton and nutrition.

We labelled our skeleton with common names and medical names for our bones.


PE this half term is on a Thursday and Friday. Please ensure PE kits are in school on those dates, including a hair band to tie back long hair. Children must also be able to take out their own earrings for PE.


This was our class book for this half term. We really enjoyed the story of a young boy born with a physical deformity and how he gets through life in the Stone Age.
We have also used this book as inspiration for our English work- to write a postcard home about our experiences in the Stone Age.


As we are all settling in to life in the juniors, homework hasn’t been too strict so far. After half term however, we will be expecting that the children read 5x per week and complete their Doodlemaths 5x per week. We believe that doing something little and often helps embed knowledge and help to set up good habits for the future. Please record pages read/ times you’ve been on Doodlemaths in your planner.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything to do with being in year 3, please do not hesitate to ask. You are always welcome in our classroom.