Pupil Voice

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Pupil Voice

The children in our school are the most important people! As such, they have lots of opportunities to share their thoughts on school issues – both formally and informally! Mr. Fuller’s door is always open for both children and adults! Classes also have “problem Boxes” set up their classrooms to anonymously (if necessary) inform staff of issues and problems that need sorting.

School Council

The main aim of the School Council is to help to make our school a better place for the children and to give us an opportunity to have our opinions and ideas heard. Each class from Year One upwards has two representatives who are elected every year.

At the first meeting of the year the important roles and jobs are selected and Mr Fuller helps us to conduct our meetings. Children are also consulted regarding other key issues in school, such school meals and they meet with the Full Governing Body at every meeting to discuss their issues and to report back on how school is going!

The class representatives tell the children in their classes what has been discussed at each meeting and the children can ask the representatives to take forward their ideas to the next meeting.

Everybody gets a fair say in the meeting and nobody gets left out.

School Buddies

In our school we have eight pupils who have been properly ‘trained’ as Young Ambassadors by the Anti-Bullying Service within Derbyshire County Council. Ambassadors are skilled at helping the children to work and play together in school and to recognise when some children are having difficult times in the playground. They are a group of children who are trained at helping children to sort out their problems and differences by attending special meetings. By taking turns, the people who have had a disagreement listens to the other person’s viewpoint and they decide (with the help of the Peer Mediators) the best way forward.

Our ‘Friendship Bench’ is where children sit when they would like the Buddies to help them.

Mini-Leaders are also trained similarly to the Buddies and they assist the children in Reception, Year One and Year Two in setting up games and activities at lunch times

Pupil Led School Initiative Groups

Currently, we are working with pupils to develop their ideas to improve key improvement areas of our work – in particular we now have our Year 6 children making decisions regarding which charities we support throughout the year as part of our Enterprise Education programme. Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors promote inclusion and are working towards the Diana Award with their work to eradicate bullying at Renishaw Primary School.

Our future plans include our new ‘Renishaw Readers’ group, who will work to raise the profile of reading across our school.

The School Council 2013 / 2014 designed the school’s first ever Pupil Questionnaire. Now in 2019 the School Council are still active in the development of school projects.

Results of the questionnaire are below:

Listening to and involving children and young people