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Rio Olympics School Games Day

Well what can I say, what a fantastic day we had. From the field events in the morning to the slightly damp track events in the afternoon, the atmosphere and competitive nature was amazing! The highlight of the day for me though, had to be the fantastic opening ceremony, which saw all classes represent a different country and parade into the ‘Stadium’ with their national anthem ringing out. We had France, Russia, China, Brazil, Jamaica and Australia. As the countries stood and presented to the lively crowd (parents), all were asked to stand for the national anthem of Great Britain, followed swiftly by the Olympic Anthem written by John Williams.

To bring the opening ceremony to a close the Gymnasts performed expertly and without fault, wowing the crowd in the process. It was a slight shame that the weather closed in halfway through the track events, which meant a premature end to the day. However, this did not dampen our spirits, neither did it spoil the incredible day had by all. I would like to thank each and every person who supported the day, especially our wonderful PTFA and parents. Most of all I would like to say a huge well done to every single pupil who gave their all and competed in the Olympic spirit and for displaying our school sport values throughout the day.


Why not take a look at a few photos from the day…