The Staff

Senior Leadership Team:

Mr Simon Fuller             Head Teacher

Mr Gregg Harrison        Assistant Head Teacher, Y6 Teacher, Pupil Premium 


Teaching Staff:

Mr Gregg Harrison                   Y5 Teacher /  Maths

Mrs Samantha Clark-Allan       Y6 Teacher / English / Computing Leader

Ms Sam Wardle                        Y4 Teacher / History and Geography Leader and SENCO

Miss Rebecca Jones               Y3 Teacher / SMSC / RE Leader

Mrs Tracy Buccieri                   Y2 Teacher

Ms Tamsin Swift                       Y1 Teacher

Miss Kerry Williams                 Reception Teacher / Art and Design / Music Leader

Ms Susan Kapur / Miss Frances Anderson               Nursery Teacher / Food for life

On Maternity Leave

Miss Jodie Morgan – Foundation Stage Leader


Support Staff:

                                            Nursery Nurse

Mrs Jayne Pears                 Special needs Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bernie Spetch              Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hazel Taub                   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Bingham             HLTA

Miss Dawn Ford                   HLTA

                                             Teaching Assistant


Administrative Staff:

Miss Jodie Baker                 Senior Business Administrator


Kitchen Staff:

Helen Mappin                    Cook Supervisor

Lisa Pashley                      Catering Assistant


Midday Supervisors:

Mrs Sharon Thomas           Midday Supervisor

Mrs Kirsten Swift                Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Shelley Taylor              Midday Supervisor

Ms Chris Wilson                  Midday Supervisor

Mrs Jayne Pears                Midday Supervisor

Mrs Jodie Rodgers               Midday Supervisor


Cleaning Staff:

Mr Martin Bowler             Caretaker

Miss Emma Barker          Cleaner