Pastoral Health and Welfare

At Renishaw Primary School, we hope that a friendly school atmosphere, regular contact with parents and sensitive relationships with the children will enable any difficulties, which may arise, to be dealt with quickly. All staff within school undertake a pastoral role, however, we do have a highly skilled HLTA, Miss Dawn Ford, who oversees children’s additional social, emotional and behavioural needs.

The majority of our staff have Paediatric First aid and we also have a member of the teaching staff who is adult First Aid trained. Whenever necessary we also use support agencies such as educational psychologists, education social workers and the local health services. 

Whenever necessary, full use is made of support agencies such as educational psychologists, education social workers and the local health services.

Any specific dietary needs are dealt with by the Cook in Charge, Mrs Helen Mappin. Please make an appointment to see her if you wish your child(ren) to have school lunches but they have extra requirements due to their diet/health.

It is very important that parents/carers inform school as soon as possible about any medical conditions, allergies, disabilities or dietary requirements that their child(ren) have. We cannot administer medicine unless we have a completed administration of medicine form (available at the school office) and the medicine is in its original packaging. We are unable to administer any over the counter medicine if it is not age appropriate to the child. If prescribed, medicine must bear both the child’s and pharmacy’s name. If a child suffers from a chronic ailment, sever allergy or an ongoing medical condition, school health professionals will meet with parents and school to put a healthcare plan in place.