Year 6

Welcome to Year 6’s Class Page

You are warmly welcomed by Mrs Clark-Allan and Miss Bingham.

Summer Term Topic

Children have voted for the country that they would like to study in the Summer Term. Kenya was a close second but the winner was… the United States of America. The topic will spread over both half terms.



Year 6 have been enjoying writing poetry in our forest school. We have been looking at haikus and used our forest school as inspiration. Hot off the Press!

Year 6 Haikus – below is a small collection of some of the haikus written by year 6 children.

by Oscar

Resting in the breeze

The acorn shells are sleeping

The nuts are within

The overgrown pond

Are you home to any frogs?

As they come and grow.

by Summer

Trees standing lonely

Fungus invading the branch

Shh no-one is here

Trees – by Sophie

Standing in the ground

children snapping off the twigs

poor, lonely old trees

Pinecone – by Charlie

Look at the pinecone

It’s on the floor on his own

with his bumpy jacket

by Taylor

As the moss conquers

it creates a spider web

for the bugs to live

by Ieuan

Oh dead leaves, how you

invade fields so quickly,

I’ll never know.

Flowers by Oliver

I can see your shoots

It’s not your time to bloom yet

It might be soon




Our Topic for Spring 2 is Our Changing World. We have been looking at how and why
land changes. Our class book, Floodland by Marcus Sedgewick, fits this perfectly. It tells the gritty story of Zoe and others who struggle to cope when water levels rise. Norwich becomes an island cut off from the mainland.



Happy New Year! We have started our new Ancient Greeks topic – piecing an ancient greek timeline and vase. We are hooked on our class book which started off in the labyrinth with the Minotaur! Children loved choreographing their own Minotaur fight sequences in PE and adapting them to include new vocabulary such as falter or recoil!  Over the next half term we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks and thinking about what impact their civilisation has on us today. In science children will learn about the circulatory system with Miss Bingham.

We are starting to revise grammar terminology and homework will be set weekly in addition to reading and Doodlemaths. Please do ask for help with anything that you unsure of and parents may find “The School Run” website as this has a grammar glossary for any terms that you may not be familiar with. 

PE was taken over by our cross-fit children winners today. Renishaw won the Cross-Fit competition on Monday and our Year 6 competitors took over pe today to share their experience with the rest of the children. They made excellent leaders – well done!

What an exciting week! We have started our Samba music lessons using surdos, tamborim, ganza and agogo bells!

PE was taken over by a Spartan boot-camp and then an Athenian gymnasium to provide a contrast where we practised expressive arts.

We used the cold weather to find inspiration for our Theseus and the Minotaur stories. We looked at the frosty cobwebs outside and thought about how it would feel to go deeper and deeper into the labyrinth.



  Pudsey Mania has hit year 6! Pudsey left us some challenging fraction problems that we solved using bar models. We enjoyed setting them out on graffiti desks!     

Why not ask your child to show you how to solve this word problem. 

Pudsey bakes some biscuits. He decorates 2/5 of them ( 40 biscuits) with icing. The rest are left plain. How many biscuits does he leave plain? How many does he bake altogether?    


Autumn 2

We have an exciting half term ahead where we will be learning about how the Maya civilisation lived and will consider what may have happened to cause them to abandon their well developed cities. We will consider this theme through our reading and writing this half term. Our class Reading Book is After Tomorrow by Gillian Cross (also the author of the Demon Headmaster series) which turns the idea of refugees on it’s head. It’s a gritty, fast paced book that looks at England struggling to cope with a civilisation that is breaking down and where we are trying to smuggle our way into France through the English Channel. It looks at what it might be like to be a refugee leaving home because you are frightened and taking very little with you. The text is thought provoking and will be complemented by the Arrival – a picture book masterpiece by Shaun Tan again on the theme of an immigrant leaving his home country to move to another country.




Autumn 1

Year 6 had a fabulous day learning about what it takes to survive. We’ve learnt how to apply and spot camouflage;  how to cook army rations and worked on our observational skills as well as fitness! A huge thank you to Sergeant Major Wootton for conducting the day. More photos to follow once all parental reply slips are returned.

Year 6 have a passion for reading. We enjoyed some fabulous books last year and this year will be no different. Some of you have started to read our new class book Kensuke’s Kingdom. If you have made a start – shhhhh! No spoilers for the rest of the class! This complements our Man Vs Nature Topic. We’ll be looking at what it takes to survive, alongside learning about rivers and evolution.  I’ve found some great survival stories that I think you will really enjoy – all of them true!



Through the year we will continue to build onto our developing knowledge of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The children enjoyed spotting links between these and their learning and reading last year – a great way to apply what they are learning and to become global citizens of the future.

sdg goals

We will continue to take our registration in French and look forward to enhancing our music skills and applying them to Samba later in the year.  


Links to Maths games to help with learning.

Transum is great for games and problem solving.

Using online maths games is a great way to get your child to improve their accuracy and their speed whilst having fun.

Topmarks times table games

maths games times tables games games 2 PartPartWhole this game becomes increasingly challenging combining accuracy and fluency.

We are always keen to apply our math skills to problem solving.  The transum website has some great games that you might enjoy tackling together.

Transum maths problems solving and games

BBC Online Radio Stories

This free website has free stories – including Viking Stories. Children can listen to many other stories including Michael Morpurgo novels and Shakespeare. It is well worth a look. BBC School Radio


PE will be taught on Monday afternoons, and during Autumn 1 through swimming on Wednesday afternoon.

 All children require the correct kit to do PE, which consists of a plain white t-shirt, blue or black shorts and a change of footwear. It is vital that children have appropriate footwear to support their feet correctly when doing PE, otherwise this could result in injury. Any earrings must be removed or taped over and long hair must be tied back.



Homework may use the following websites, which can be accessed using the links below: for spelling and grammar practise

Read theory

Doodlemaths – a separate app needs to be installed.

Children’s log ins and password are glued into the back of their homework books.

For both and read  theory will need a log in and password for your child, please do ask if you need these.