Year 6


Welcome to Year 5’s class page!

You are warmly welcomed by Mrs Clark-Allan and Mrs Tew.

The final half term of this year will be packed with learning about the Vikings, considering what it means to be European alongside watching and putting on a production. We will use the text ODD and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman to help our learning.



Our learning continues to work around our class novel and will be linked strongly to our 17 Sustainability Development Goals.

The first week of the summer term will saw us joining in the school’s Fairy Tale Week. We used Hansel and Gretel for our learning and created artefacts to display in the school library.



This Term’s Learning. Same Planet : Different Worlds

Our world has enough resources for everyone so why are some people hungry or thirsty? We will be looking at reasons for this : some are natural some are because of man’s decisions. We will examine if this has changed over time : we will focus on three points in history:

  • the middle passage – looking at how slaves were treated as they crossed the
    Atlantic Ocean
  • Dr John’s Snow innovative why of working out the cause of a cholera outbreak
  • Nelson Mandela’s role in opposing Apartheid

We will use the books “If the World was a Village” and “One Well” as a source of data for the topic. Our class reader will be the beautifully illustrated, short novel “Cloud Tea Monkeys” by award winning author Mal Peet.


The Learning So Far In Year Five…

Spring 2 was incredibly short however we did manage to make a start on Harry Potter.  We wrote Non Chronological Reports on Hogwarts and Persuasive Texts for our own Potion Shop. We suffered fraction fever in maths but are now feeling much more confident with adding, subtracting and even multiplying fractions!

You can see an overview of the learning this half term here Summer 1 Same planet different worlds

We started the new year with our Out of This World topic where we explored the International Space Station, learnt about Tim Peake and were enthralled by our class book Phoenix.  The science fiction novel is written by S F Said and has futuristic illustrations by Dave McKean.



We have enjoyed our Life in the Freezer Topic. We have compared pioneering polar expeditions looking at expeditions by Scott of the Antarctic, Shackleton and Helen Skelton. We have seen how powerful icebergs can be as journalists writing about the Titanic. 
We were inspired by our class book Wonder with many children choosing to get their own copies or see the film. Warning  : it is a bit of a tear jerker in places but it has made us reflect and think about how other people feel and about accepting pthers that may be different to ourselves. 





Back in September we used Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to accompany our Anglo Saxons topic.


We’ve made a great start to the new year  learning United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals and started to think about changes that we can make to help make our planet more sustainable. We will be linking our learning to these goals through the year.



sdg goals

We take our registration in French and enjoyed our music lessons using steel drums and our performance.  


You can find out more about our learning last half term here.

Autumn 1 Anglo Saxons

Links to Maths games to help with learning.

Transum is great for games and problem solving.

Using online maths games is a great way to get your child to improve their accuracy and their speed whilst having fun.

Topmarks times table games

maths games times tables games games 2 PartPartWhole this game becomes increasingly challenging combining accuracy and fluency.

We are always keen to apply our math skills to problem solving.  The transum website has some great games that you might enjoy tackling together.

Transum maths problems solving and games

BBC Online Radio Stories

This free website has free stories – including Viking Stories. Children can listen to many other stories including Michael Morpurgo novels and Shakespeare. It is well worth a look. BBC School Radio


This half term PE is taught on Thursday afternoons in addition to swimming on Wednesday afternoon.

 All children require the correct kit to do PE, which consists of a plain white t-shirt, blue or black shorts and a change of footwear. It is vital that children have appropriate footwear to support their feet correctly when doing PE, otherwise this could result in injury. Any earrings must be removed or taped over and long hair must be tied back.


We will continue to build our accuracy and speed for our times tables aiming to answer any times table question, up to 12 x 12 in 3 seconds. We have also used our morning work time before assembly to brush up our addition skills.



We will have a strong focus on reading and reading comprehension.  English is taught through our topic work with most writing linked to our topic.

Please do ensure that you read each night this will help with your spelling, grammar, writing, creativity and knowledge of the world!


All homework will be given out every Wednesday and will need to be returned by the following Monday. The accompanying sheet will need to be signed by an adult at home and returned with the homework. Homework with consist of reading at home 5 times per week, times table practice, spellings  and a separate task. The separate task will be either maths, English, EGPaS or topic work and will be based on what the children have been, or will be, learning. If you ever have any questions regarding homework set then please do come and ask.  It is important that your child is supported with their homework.  Last year children frequently commented that completing their homework helped their learning in class.

Homework may use the following websites, which can be accessed using the links below: for spelling and grammar practise

Read theory

Doodlemaths – a separate app needs to be installed.

Children’s log ins and password are glued into the back of their homework books.


For both and read  theory will need a log in and password for your child, please do ask if you need this.