Year 6

 Welcome to Year 6’s Class Page

You are warmly welcomed by Mrs Clark-Allan and Miss Thorpe.

We have made a good start to the new year. Children are already completing the register in French and have started to learn about the Maya civilisation and make comparisons to other civilisations that they have learnt about before. We will continue our learning journey by exploring the Ancient Greek Civilisation and learning about their legacy in western civilisation.  

Autumn 2

Once we have compared the chronology of Ancient Greece to the chronology of other empires that we have built over the last few years we will learn about the difference between the Athenians and Spartans and  we will learn a healthy dose of Greek Myths and the Greek Gods. In addition  we will focus on the origins of democracy and consider how this compares to our democracy, which will culminate in our trip to the Houses of Parliament in December. Our class book will continue to be Middleworld as the children are enjoying the story and we will use this to make comparisons between the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Maya. This will be read alongside Greek myths such as Pandora’s box and Theseus and the Minotaur. To find out more about this term’s learning look here Autumn 2 Ancient Greeks

Autumn 1

We have two class books this half term. The first is the stunning picture book Rain Player.

Middleworld –  the first novel in the Jaguar Stones Trilogy. Both are set in Mesoamerica. Rain player is set  during the Maya civilisation while Middlestones is set in the modern day in the fictional country San Xavier which is based on the real country Belize.. 

On Monday 21st October we will be having our special school dinner Maya Menu. The menu is using corn (or maize)  as  maize was a staple part of the Maya diet – in fact it was 80% of the their diet!  We will consider what would happen if there was a famine and there was no corn in our school dinner to try to help us to understand the demise of the Maya cities.

Maya Menu

Chilli with Corn on the Cob

Rice and Vegetables


Cornflake Tart

Hot Chocolate



Our Children as Global Citizens.

Through the year we will continue to build onto our developing knowledge of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The children enjoy spotting links between these and their learning and reading  – a great way to apply what they are learning and to become global citizens of the future. Both of our school trips – Parliament and the Water Treatment Centre – will help to deepend our learning through the SDGs.

sdg goals



Links to Maths games to help with learning.

Transum is great for games and problem solving.

Using online maths games is a great way to get your child to improve their accuracy and their speed whilst having fun.

Topmarks times table games

maths games times tables games games 2 PartPartWhole this game becomes increasingly challenging combining accuracy and fluency.

We are always keen to apply our math skills to problem solving.  The transum website has some great games that you might enjoy tackling together.

Transum maths problems solving and games

BBC Online Radio Stories

This free website has free stories – including Viking Stories. Children can listen to many other stories including Michael Morpurgo novels and Shakespeare. It is well worth a look. BBC School Radio


PE will be taught on Wednesday afternoons and Friday morning..

 All children require the correct kit to do PE, which consists of a plain white t-shirt, blue or black shorts and a change of footwear. It is vital that children have appropriate footwear to support their feet correctly when doing PE, otherwise this could result in injury. Any earrings must be removed or taped over and long hair must be tied back.


Homework may use the following websites, which can be accessed using the links below: for spelling and grammar practise

Read theory

Doodlemaths – a separate app needs to be installed.  If you experience any issues with Doodlemaths please do contact them through their app – they are very responsive.

Children’s log ins and password are glued into the back of their planners.

For both and read  theory will need a log in and password for your child, please do ask if you need these.