Year 6

 Welcome to Year 6’s Class Page

You are warmly welcomed by Mrs Clark-Allan and Miss Thorpe

We have a great range of learning planned over the year, with many chances to make links between our learning this year and with previous years. You can take a look here.


It is wonderful to have the children back and to see our school community flourishing yet again! Children have settled in quickly to new and old routines and are enjoying seeing each other and playing and learning together again. 

New Year – New Topic

Our new topic in the new year will be geography based and looking at the USA. We will be learning about the different states (how many can you name?) the incredible range of climates, where and why the population varies across the States, what crops are grown and what these are used for and a more detailed look at how New York City and New York State has changed.  Expect a bit of Joni Mitchell “Big Yellow Taxi” and Nena’s “99 red balloons” to help us dip our feet into the cold war. No doubt some of our discussions will dip into some of the politics as the children enjoyed watching the election results come in November during the Biden vs Trump election. 

We’ll use a range of books to help our learning. My particular favourite is the children’s version  Prisoners of Geography – a very informative alternative to an atlas.

If you’re at a loose end over Christmas why not explore the USA, or any other country that you’re interested in,  in an atlas? You could look for the major rivers, lakes, cities and mountain ranges. Have you ever been lucky enough to travel there? Can you find it on a map? Have you any favourite films or books  set in the USA – can you find their locations on a map? Which other countries are close by? Can you say which direction they are from the USA?

Our class reader will be Little House on the Prairie which is set in a different time and some things have changed in context and this will be important for the children to learn about. We will also use Queen of the Falls and The Man Who Walked Between Towers. 




Our Autumn topic is The Victorians  where we look at a number of themes during this period. We will look at the population growth and innovation through the Industrial Revolution and what this meant for Social Housing. We will make comparisons to other periods of time and civilisations. We will look for links to Global Learning and look at issues such as overcrowding, poverty and poor sanitation that led to outbreaks of cholera along.  We will learn about people who decided to make a difference to some of the social challenges faced by the Victorians. We will learn about many significant individuals such as Dr John Snow,  Charles Darwin, Mary Anning, George Cadbury and Joseph Bazalgette.

We will consider and evaluate which significant individuals should be celebrated by a commemorative set of Victorian Royal Mail stamps.

Our class book for this half term is Street Child by Derbyshire author Berlie Doherty. Through the book the children are learning about the harsh conditions endured by Jim Jarvis who was the inspiration for the philanthropist Dr Barnardo. We may get onto the sequel Far From Home.

Please find our overview of learning for the Autumn half term. Autumn term 1 overview Year 6

In the event of any school closures or class bubbles we will keep in touch through ClassDojo. Children have exercise books at home that are to be kept in case of any closure.

Our Children as Global Citizens.

Through the year we will continue to build onto our developing knowledge of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The children enjoy spotting links between these and their learning and reading  – a great way to apply what they are learning and to become global citizens of the future. 

sdg goals


Homework focuses on basics for children that will have an impact on their learning. It comprises of:

  • reading for 20 minutes at least 5 times a week. 3 of these times should be children’s banded books from school
  • doodlemaths 5 times per week
  • times table practise –  Maths shed has some great games to help with this
  • spelling practise through  spelling shed

Please record home learning in your child’s planner and upload a photo of this to the weekly activity set up in portfolios in Class Dojo. This will help us to keep in touch with you about home learning. Other online apps may be used such as: for spelling and grammar practise

Read theory

BBC Online Radio Stories

This free website has free stories – including Viking Stories. Children can listen to many other stories including Michael Morpurgo novels and Shakespeare. It is well worth a look. BBC School Radio

Links to other Maths games to help with learning.

Transum is great for games and problem solving.

Using online maths games is a great way to get your child to improve their accuracy and their speed whilst having fun.

Topmarks times table games

maths games times tables games games 2 PartPartWhole this game becomes increasingly challenging combining accuracy and fluency.


PE will be taught on Friday afternoon and we ask that children come to school already dressed in their PE kits.

 All children require the correct kit to do PE, which consists of a plain white t-shirt, blue or black shorts and trainers. It is vital that children have appropriate footwear to support their feet correctly when doing PE, otherwise this could result in injury. Any earrings must be removed or taped over and long hair must be tied back.