Welcome to Reception!

Miss Williams, Mrs Spetch and Mrs Wilson

In Reception, we aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that values every child as a unique learner.

Play holds great importance in the early years. Research has demonstrated that there are many benefits of early play. Play enables children to express themselves, build relationships and confidence and explore the world around them. Through play, children are able to learn about themselves and others.

Throughout the school day we will also carry out adult-led sessions in Phonics, Mathematics and Literacy. We ensure these activities are practical and engaging. When choosing topics for the term, we believe it is important to follow children’s interests and plan around them.

This half term we are learning about Amazing animals!

Each week we will look at a different habitat and learn about different species. We will use non-fiction texts to find out facts and information.


In Phonics, some children have moved onto Phase 3 phonics and some will continue with Phase 2. Phonics is taught each morning and will encourage children to segment and blend words to help them build confidence in reading. We read with children on a daily basis as early reading is extremely important. Reading books and records will be sent home with children each day and we encourage parents to read with children at home as much as possible to support their learning and development.


In Mathematics, we cover two different areas of learning – Number and Shape, Space and Measure. This term for ‘Number’ we are starting to work on number bonds to 10, teen numbers and partitioning, doubling numbers and beginning to look at subtraction. For Shape, Space and Measure we are recognising and making patterns and working with money. In Mathematics we promote practical, hands-on learning.


Literacy lessons will be based around our ‘big book’ on which we focus on over one or two weeks. We will also look at a range of different books, including non-fiction texts. This term we are promoting wider critical thinking when discussing new stories and concepts. We are developing children’s writing through fun and imaginative activities and promote empathy by encouraging children to put themselves in characters’ ‘shoes’.


We use Tapestry which is a private online journal to track children’s learning and achievements. You should have received an email to activate your account if you have not done so already. From here you will be able to access published observations of your child and follow their learning journey. If you have any queries regarding Tapestry, please come and speak to me.

Physical education

We will have PE every Thursday morning. Children are required to bring in with them the correct kit which includes a white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and appropriate footwear. Please ensure names are written clearly in your child’s PE kit.

As the weather is getting much colder, every child must bring a coat. We also encourage parents to bring in scarves, hats and gloves.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to come and chat to us!